Acrylic Masterclass

Our beginner to PRO online NAILGOD Masterclass hosted by master nail artist Bambi + Business Building Essentials by Raquel. This is a condensed course with unlimited access and support from NAILGOD master technicians! You will learn how to take your business from simply an idea and small initial investment into a profitable and professional small business! In this class, you will learn everything about the Acrylic system and its application. The intensive course includes; prepping, shaping, mixing products, acrylic application, manicure, e-file, and hand filing. The course includes all necessary supplies; nail drill machine, nail drill bits, UV light, file, buffer, powder and liquid, brushes, fundamental colors, Disinfection tools, manicure tools. BONUS mini design pack with trending NAILGOD stickers & enhancements!

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    Course List

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Positivity Talk

    • 3. Business Building

    • 4. Kit Unboxing

    • 5. Manual

    • 6. Kit & Products Knowledge

    • 7. Nail Drill Bits

    • 8. File Grit Break Down

    • 9. Forms & Tips

    • 10. Nails Technician Terminology

    • 11. Hand Practice

    • 12. Live Model

    • 13. Removal

    • 14. Refill

    • 15. Outroduction