DIY Polygel Extension Course

NAILGOD DIY at-home Poly Gel E-learning nail enhancement course. This course will show you from start to finish how to get the perfect gel extensions from the comfort of your own home! In this NAILGOD E-learning program you will learn to effectively apply tips and gel overlay, cut, file, buff and apply and cure gel polish! This is the perfect course for anyone Who might potentially be interested in getting into the nail industry but isn’t ready to invest in a full certification program! This course will give you all of the fundamentals necessary to do your own nails and practice on your friends and family! DIY kit recommended and available for purchase in two sizes LARGE($139.99 CAD) & SMALL($78.75 CAD) on NAILGOD.CA or through our educational consultants *This course does not include certification it is strictly for home use/self-use NAILGOD courses powered by Modern Aesthetic College.

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    DIY Polygel Extension:

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Disclaimer

    • 3. Positivity Talk

    • 4. Small Kit Unboxing

    • 5. Big Kit Unboxing

    • 6. Hand Work

    • 7. Live Model

    • 8. Removal

    • 9. Outroduction